Maya Ventures

Our mission is to provide the customer with the service of the highest quality as well as new age amenities at affordable prices. To impeccably translate the vision of the architect into concrete reality at the finest standards.

Maya Ventures is driven by the excellence of its parent organization - Technoart Constructions Pvt. Ltd. which since its incorporation in 1970, has carved a niche for itself in the construction industry.

Maya Indraprastha

Being a veritable 'Palace of the Gods', the magnificent Indraprastha was built by the master-craftsman and legendary architect - Maya, a tribute to Arjuna, the skilled Pandava archer.

Ancient lore spells out the magnificence of this mansion that was embellished with rare gems from Mount Kailash, exquisite multi-colored fountains and solid floor, so fine, it seemed like water... all of it standing testimony to the architectural finesse of the creator - Maya.

Maya Indradhanush

Home-in on an address that tells the world that you've arrived. A whole new lifestyle of luxury is waiting for you ... come indulge in MAYA Indradhanush.

Standing tall at 33 floors, MAYA Indradhanush is a 'grand high rise' luxury. Located in prime real estate, it is in elite company as one of the very few high rises in Bangalore with a helipad.